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Commander in Chief of the Uruguayan Navy - Curiculum vitae
Ricardo E. Giambruno Volpi
Admiral | Commander in Chief of the Uruguayan Navy


Commander in Chief of the Uruguayan Navy
He was born in Montevideo on April 24, 1956.-
He entered the Naval Academy on February 1, 1974.-
He graduated as Ensign on December 18, 1977.-
He was promoted to his present rank of Admiral on May 15, 2012.-

He served in the following Units:

Destroyer ROU “URUGUAY” as Communications Officer, ROU “COMANDANTE PEDRO CAMPBELL” as Chief of Operations, ROU “18 DE JULIO” as Anti-submarine Warfare Officer, Training Sailing Vessel “CAPITAN MIRANDA” as Chief of the Operations Department and Chief of the Administration
and Supply Department, Local Command of Operational Control as Chief of the Information Center of the Radar Chain, Frigate ROU “GENERAL ARTIGAS” (he was a member of the original crew that travelled to France; he served as Chief of the Navigation and Maneuvers Department), Chief of the Maritime Department of the Navy Lighting and Buoy Laying Service, Chief of Personnel of the Navy Supply Service and N-4 in the Fleet Staff.
He was appointed Executive Officer of ROU “15 DE NOVIEMBRE”, ROU Salto, Frigate “GENERAL ARTIGAS” and Navy Support Group.
He was appointed Commander of the Landing Craft Group, Commanding Officer of Frigate “Montevideo”, Commander of the Services Division and Escort Division.-He was appointed Commanding Officer of Support Vessel “GENERAL ARTIGAS”; he was a member of the first crew of said vessel that was acquired from Germany.
He was appointed Chief of the Navy Auxiliary Vessels Service and Naval Attaché of the Republic of Uruguay to Brazil. When he was promoted to Rear Admiral he served as Director General of Naval Material.-

He did the following courses:
Basic Operations course, Anti-submarine and Basic Air Control, Electronic Warfare, Surface and Antisubmarine Warfare, Basic Anti-air Warfare.
He did a Basic Intelligence course and a Defense Staff course.-

He taught the following subjects:
Navy Training Center – “Anti-submarine and Basic Air Control”, “Basic Operations”.
He was elected Chairman of the Honor Court for Commanders and Lieutenant
He is divorced from Ms. Ana María Cáceres and he has got a son.


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